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​​Individual Mandate:  No coverage = risk of tax penalty taken directly out of your tax return + all health costs you incur.

Cost Assistance:   ​Many people with a household income between $11,880 and $47,250 (individuals) or $24,300 and $97,200 (families of 4) may be eligible for subsidies through Florida’s Federally Facilitated Marketplace.(Based on 2016 Poverty Levels)

Guaranteed Coverage: Means that you cannot be denied coverage due to Pre-existing conditions!

Faustina (Tina) James

AOI Independent Benefit Consultant

Cell:  321-961-8988

Understanding the 3 Critical Parts of the Healthcare Law:

the access one insurance (AOI) team:  Faustina (Tina) James

As an Independent Benefit Agent for Access One Insurance (AOI), I Represent Major Health & Medicare Healthcare Plan Options:  HMO, PPO, Supplements, Part D, Medicare Advantage